Let me tell you a story…

Let me tell you a story…
Posted By: , 20th July

Written by Adam Rees, BAB Director

I like to talk. I can be talking about anything, but I like to talk, I like to listen and I like to learn. In this job I have met quite a few people who give me a run for my money. I hear about what they think about our new kick-start activities, what they would like to see BAB do next or what they have been up to in the last few weeks. These conversations and stories are really important to me. They teach me something about the city and the people I work with, but they also make me think about how BAB can learn and improve.

During our City For All Ages Week we hosted a storytelling night that featured 4 inspiring people talking about a person from a different generation influenced their life. They were very emotional stories and many audience members had a tear in their eye by the end of their tales. You can find one of the stories on the BAB Voices section of our website and further stories will be posted in the coming weeks.

What all of this highlights is the importance of stories in illustrating what we do and the effect BAB has in tackling isolation and loneliness. We have a broad range of evaluation work going on across the programme through our delivery partners, UWE and our Community Researchers but this research and evaluation is brought to life when we can share a story or a case study about someone who has truly benefitted from our work.

Do you have a good story to share? We would like to hear it. We want to use the BAB website to celebrate these stories and to make sure that these voices are not lost. Get in touch with us and let's start that conversation. 

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