Looking back and looking forward

Looking back and looking forward
Posted By: Admin, 10th January

December often sparks peoples’ reflections on the past year and considerations of the next 12 months, and this is true of both myself and the Bristol Ageing Better team. 2018 was a hectic year for us with our last tranche of projects starting, other projects continuing to deliver and big achievements such as joining the World Health Organisations’ Global network of Age friendly communities. I’m so proud of what has been realised through the BAB partnership to date and as the end of the programme looms, I don’t want us to forget the excellent examples of service delivery and collaboration that have been shown by our partners.

As we look ahead over the next 12 months, our focus will be on finding funding for effective projects and considering BAB’s legacy. Many of you tell me about the value of the partnership. The meetings provide opportunities to learn, share and support each other, while initiatives such as Age Friendly Bristol are bringing cross sector partners together to think about making services and facilities better for older people.

In the short term, we have lots of things going on for older people and for partners, and you can see some examples of this in the training we are proviidng through February and March. 

We still have some funds for groups with launch through our Age-friendly Challenge Fund launching in February and our final round of Community Kick-Start. The deadline for this is 22nd February and we have some workshops to support applicants, find out more here. 

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