What the BAB partnership has achieved

What the BAB partnership has achieved
Posted By: Admin, 16th May

Following on from our previous ‘events update special’ you’ll know we’ve been keeping busy, from case studies to launching our  new age-friendly business toolkits yesterday, BAB is everywhere at once! Stay tuned for more information on these in the near future…

Not only are the BAB core team keeping busy, but we know how busy all of our delivery partners are running amazing projects and initiatives across the city. This dedication and hard work is made more and more evident as we pull the figures together on BABs reach in the city.

For example, in the four years that BAB has been running …

  • 17,211 people aged over 50 have participated in our project or engaged with our work, which is 14% of those aged over 50 in Bristol
  • 1,757 volunteers have given 35,390 hours of their time

Improvements made by BAB participants so far include …

  • 34% reported their levels of loneliness had improved
  • 28% reported an increase in social contact with non-family members
  • 28% reported an increase in their levels of social participation

So we would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of our delivery partners and partners across the city for the hard work they are putting in!
And just remember a great opportunity to catch up with everything that is going on is at our partnership meetings so please feel free to come along next week if you have not already signed up. Reserve your free place here.

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