Building Blocks for Wellbeing

Bristol Ageing Better is committing £880,000 to fund innovative approaches to tackling loneliness and isolation in older people.

BAB has named this round of commissioning Building Blocks for Wellbeing because of the focus on projects and services which will connect with others across the BAB programme to build people up. The goal is to create a foundation of confidence and wellbeing on which to reduce older people’s isolation and loneliness.

A total of nine projects are being funded, falling into seven categories. Building on learning from earlier pilots, conversation with experts and additional research, the projects are designed to improve wellbeing and empower older people - something which can help to reduce social isolation and loneliness. 

Core criteria for delivery partners

We have set out a number of specific criteria for each contract but in addition to that, all successful delivery partners will need to evidence the following in the bids and presentations.

Learning and Evaluation


Using the ‘Test and Learn’ approach to delivery, allowing opportunities to use evidenced learning to change and improve project.

Development and sharing of learning and best practice.

Working with BAB to undertake evaluation and engagement activities from the project.

Factoring in the completion of BAB’s Common Measurement Framework questionnaires at entry and exit points for all participants.


Partnership and collaboration

Experience of delivery in identified areas.

Consideration of the use of partners in the delivery of the contract.

Developing referral routes with community groups and projects, especially BAB funded projects such as Community Navigators or Community Development.


Recruitment and retention

Adopting flexible and creative approaches to finding and recruiting participants.

Commitment to recruiting a diverse and varied group of participants.

Commitment to focusing recruitment on new participants. At least 75% of participants should be new to the delivery partner.



Adopting an asset based approach.

A strategy for empowering participants and allowing them to shape, drive and influence the activity.



Creative and sustainable approaches to addressing transportation issues.


Read the BAB policy about the selection of delivery partners here.


Invitations to tender

Find out more about each of the seven projects that BAB is commissioning as part of 'Building Blocks for Wellbeing' below and download the documents you need to apply for funding. You can also download FAQs about the funding here.


1. Physical Activity and Motivation

(Invitation to tender & appendices / Submission form)

2. Creativity and Arts (2 contracts) 

(Invitation to tender & appendices / Submission form)

3. Accessing Community and Social Groups 

(Invitation to tender & appendices / Submission form)

4. Food and Nutrition 

(Invitation to tender & appendices / Submission form)

5. Intergenerational Activity 

(Invitation to tender & appendices / Submission form)

6. Wellbeing and BME Older People 

(Invitation to tender & appendices / Submission form)

7. Talking Therapies for Isolation and Loneliness (2 contracts) 

(Invitation to tender & appendices / Submission form)


BAB is actively encouraging collaborative bids for the Building Blocks for Wellbeing funding. If you're interested in putting in a collaborative bid, you can make contact with other organisations on the Bristol Ageing Better forum


The deadline to apply for Building Blocks for Wellbeing commissioning is midday on Monday 27th November 2017. 

Please direct any queries regarding the funding to

Call us: 0117 928 1539

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