CDOP Greater Brislington

This project is run by Bristol Charities

What is the project?

The aim of the project is to support and empower local older people to develop activities, meaningful occupation and volunteering opportunities that improve their community and address social isolation and loneliness.


What does the project do?

Bristol Charities community development project in Brislington involves local people in shaping the activities and events which take place via forums. The projects work closely with other local organisations by supporting them to make funding applications and promotion of the groups.

Local people are invited to join the forum where they give their input and contribute to shaping the activities in the area. The project has produced a booklet with details of all the activities going on in the area for older people, this is available at libraries, GP surgeries and community venues throughout the ward.


How to get in touch

For more information on this project please contact Armon Williams by calling 07825548884 or email


Why did BAB fund it?

When commissioning 9 community development projects, we followed the core mantra that one size does not fit all in Bristol. There was a clear need for different and distinct models of delivery dependent upon the areas of focus. While it wasn’t possible within the BAB budget to fund bespoke projects in every part of the city, BAB was committed to developing Test and Learn projects that could create replicable best practices.

Greater Brislington was chosen as BAB identified that there had been no significant funding provided to organisations within this area by some of the city’s largest funders. We were keen to fund a project in the area that would build on research undertaken by the Community Researchers and would focus on identifying any specific areas of need and refocusing their work in Year 2 to address this.

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