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This project is run by Buzz Lockleaze

What is the project?

The main aim of the project is to reduce social isolation in Horfield and Lockleaze by increasing existing opportunities for over 50s to connect, be active, learn, to access nature, or to get involved in volunteering. These aims are achieved through supporting engagement in local events and activities, facilitating the creation of new groups and activities, and identifying and maximising opportunities to make connections between isolated people and the wider community. 


What does the project do?

Buzz Lockleaze carries out development work with existing groups and clubs in Horfield and Lockleaze to strengthen structure and volunteer leadership, and increase attendance by local people. The project facilitates a steering group of older people to identify activities and groups they want to create and develop.

Local needs and services are mapped and explored to identify where community service gaps exist. The project works in partnership with other agencies and organisations to fill these gaps.

A variety of community engagement methods are employed (local events, door-to-door, net-working, referrals, etc.) to identify under-represented and isolated groups within the over 50s community. The project works to break down potential barriers to engagement and access. 

This project aims to contribute towards creating an older people’s community plan for Horfield and Lockleaze that includes building on current knowledge to develop a profile of community needs.

Buzz Lockleaze work closely with North Bristol Advice Centre, the Community Navigators Team, Community Support at Home project and Bristol City Council, as well as other community organisations including Bristol Rovers Community Trust, Horfield Health Centre, Horfield churches, Filton Avenue Schools, and Everyone Active.


How to get in touch

To get in touch about this project you can contact either Lisa Dicker, Community Development Worker, or Karen Edkins, Community Empowerment Officer,


Why did BAB fund it?

When BAB launched the Blueprint for Community Development in September 2016, we were keen to commission projects that could address a specific issue in the community.  While there has been some history of Community Development in Horfield and Lockleaze, there were still areas that lacked infrastructure or support. The area has a varied socio-demographic and, due to boundary changes, certain areas of specific need fell within the Bishopston ward and might have been disadvantaged due to perceived affluence. BAB wanted a project that would seek to build a more focused approach for Older People. In commissioning this project, BAB wanted a focus on Horfield and to include those neighbouring areas of the Bishopston ward affected by boundary changes.


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