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As part of our blueprint for Community development in September 2016, we proposed a project that would trial a model of community development that worked with LGBT people across Bristol to create a supportive network that reduced isolation, improved social contact and encouraged participants to be more involved in local decision making. We are now inviting tenders for this project, which will run for 2 years and has a budget of £100,000.

Communities of interest are groups of people who share a common situation or a protected characteristic. The aim of this project is to trial models of community development that work with the community of interest through an asset-based approach.

Bristol Ageing Better has considered its ‘At Risk’ groups in relation to communities of interests and while many of them have specific needs, some groups also possess assets such as existing similar provision, family or community input as well as shared spaces that welcome people. For those groups that do not, their protected characteristic or circumstance can create significant obstacles to connecting with a community.

Older LGBT people were identified as an underserved population in the review with limited specific services identified. There are serious issues of loneliness and isolation amongst LGBT older people and there is little evidence of previous focusses of local organisations on older LGBT people.

It is acknowledged that LGBT isn’t one homogenous group, but a number of smaller groups of people. The aim for this project would be to develop a model that could provide learning for any communities of interest and would provide support to identified isolated and lonely individuals.

Closing date for applications: Monday 24th April 2017 (12 noon)

CDOP Communities of Interest - LGBT ITT

Appendix 1 - BAB Commissioning Term & Conditions CDOP LGBT

Appendix 2 - Bid Evaluation Model CDOP Communities of Transition - LGBT

Appendix 3 - CMF Questionnaire for CDOP

Appendix 4 - BAB Delivery Partner Contract CDOP Communities of Interest - LGBT

Tender Submission Form - LGBT - Community Development for Older People

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The Programme Director will also be available on Tuesday 21st March for potential bidders to book an appointment to discuss the projects further. If you wish to book a session to discuss the projects further please contact

Call us: 0117 928 1539

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