Community Development for Older People - Stockwood

Stockwood was once a busy community with many families but with 40% of the local population over 55 (compared with 29% for the whole of Bristol), it has one the largest ageing populations in the city. Due to this ageing population in a previously family focused community, there is a lack of coordination and infrastructure and support services. We are looking for a provider who will engage older people with people of all ages in the area and empower them to take a more active role in the community. The budget for this contract is £100,000 and the duration is 2 years.

Bristol is a vibrant and dynamic city that is constantly changing. This is attractive to many people, but it also means that areas can rapidly change and people can quickly find themselves isolated from familiar cultures, services and friends.

For residents of a neighbourhood this can mean a breakup of their community, the disappearance of the familiar/comfortable and isolation in a place they once called home.

Some areas see a change in demography as young people and families move to more “exciting” and vibrant areas that can offer more for their needs. 

We released an Invitation to Tender for this area in October 2016 but were not able to appoint. We are now re-releasing the Invitation with modified specifications.

Closing date for applications: Monday 2nd May 2017 (12 noon)

CDOP - Communities in Transition - Stockwood ITT2

Appendix 1 - BAB Commissioning Terms & Conditions CDOP Stockwood

Appendix 2 - Bid Evaluation Model CDOP Communities of Transition - Stockwood

Appendix 3 - CMF Questionnaire for CDOP

Appendix 4 - BAB Delivery Partner Contract CDOP Communities of Transition - Stockwood

Tender Submission Form - STOCKWOOD - Communities of Transition


The Programme Director will also be available on Tuesday 21st March for potential bidders to book an appointment to discuss the projects further. If you wish to book a session to discuss the projects further please contact

Call us: 0117 928 1539

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