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BAB has worked on the design of the Common Measurement Framework (CMF) evaluation survey developed by Ecorys. We have taken on board feedback from participants and delivery partners, and made the surveys more accessible in order to encourage people to take part in this exciting piece of work When older people complete the forms they are contributing their experiences and shaping the national agenda for tackling isolation and loneliness in the UK. 

Below you can find downloadable versions of the Registration (Blue) and Wellbeing (Red) forms, as well as information for participants regarding BAB's evaluation and guidance for completing CMFs. Foreign language versions and printed copies of our large print forms can be provided by request.


All delivery partners need to ensure they are complying with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) when they are processing the CMF forms. Our delivery partners may find it useful to read our FAQs or our Learning Digest about the CMFs. 

BLUE Registration Form (PDF)

RED Wellbeing Form (PDF)



YELLOW Information for Participants (PDF)

If you have any questions regarding evaluation or if you would like assistance to take part in the evaluation, please contact Claire Chivers, clairechivers@ageukbristol.org.uk 


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