First Contact Checklist

This project is run by The Care Forum

What is the project?

The First Contact Checklist project will help older people to get the support they need by ensuring that the first organisation they contact is able to easily refer them on to other services around the city.

What does the project do?

Following on from a pilot in 2016, organisations across Bristol are joining up to support vulnerable older people in the city.

The First Contact Checklist is a series of questions that each refer to a different agency or service in Bristol. The checklist can be asked to any older person in the city and all of the available services cover the whole area. When a checklist is completed, it is passed to the administrator at the Care forum who then makes the referral to each identified agency or service. For peace of mind, the administrator also follows up with the agencies a few weeks alter to make sure that they have been in touch.

The checklist allows for organisations to easily refer older people to different services that may be relevant to them in a safe and coordinated way. 

For instance, if a firefighter visits to check an older person’s fire alarms, they might notice that the house is chilly. The First Contact Checklist enables them to refer that older person to another service that could help, such as an energy provider or charity.

The partnership includes Avon Fire and Rescue Service, Bristol Community Health and other local advice agencies and charities such as the Carers Support Centre for Bristol and South Gloucestershire and Age UK Bristol.

The Checklist covers home and fire safety, health and wellbeing and information and advice such as impartial advice on energy bills for people over the age of 50 living in Bristol.

View an online version of the First Contact Checklist 


How to get in touch

Contact The Care Forum, the central point for checklist referrals in Bristol on 01179 654444 or visit


Why did BAB fund it?

The idea of a set of questions, each of which can provide specific support has been around for a number of years and Bristol has tried to implement a similar model before. 

Staff who visit older people have told us that because of their timescales and workloads, they often leave an older client and wish that other services could be involved, but they don’t have the time to make these contacts. The first contact checklist allows them to ask a few simple questions and then to pass the form on, knowing that each relevant referral will be made.

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