Learning Digests

Throughout the BAB projects that we have commissioned, certain common themes have arisen in our learning. We've divided these themes up and will be sharing what we've learned in our learning digests below.

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Involving older people in decision making

We asked our partners to reflect on how older people are currently involved in the decisions made within their projects and organisations. We also asked them for their ideas about how this could be improved.


Finding older people to take part in your project

Finding potential participants and convincing them to take part in your project is something that many of our partners have struggled with. We've compiled some tips and learning from BAB projects which might help you with recruiting participants.


Making your project more accessible and inclusive

Looking to make your project more accessible or inclusive? Read our learning from other BAB projects to help you reflect and improve.


Inclusive Communications

In March 2018, the BAB Communication Network discussed inclusive communications and received training on this topic. Here we share the key learning from this event and provide tips on how to make your communication more inclusive.


Working in partnership with other organisations

Partnership working is central to the entire BAB progamme. Here we share the learning from across our projects about successful ways to work alongside other organisations, from the very beginning of a partnership through to the end.


Supporting community groups to be sustainable

Our community development projects support members of the community to develop their own activities and groups. But how can we support these groups to be sustainable? Take a look at what we have learnt about this topic from across our community development projects.


Reducing loneliness and isolation through having supported and motivated volunteers

Many of our projects involve volunteers, and they often play a key part in a project’s effectiveness at tackling loneliness and isolation. Here we share our learning on how to support your volunteers and get the best from them


Age Friendly Transport: supporting older people to overcome transport barriers

Transport difficulties can be a big barrier to tackling loneliness and isolation. This document shares our learning so far about how project workers and volunteers can support older people to overcome some of these transport barriers in the short-term.


Using our Common Measurement Framework (CMF) evaluation questionnaires

Learning from across our projects so far about the best ways to complete BAB's CMF evaluation questionnaires, including practical tips and preparations to make in advance.


Inclusive communities

Engaging older people with sight loss, hearing loss, dual sensory loss or experience of substance misuse.


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