Learning reports

As part of our remit to test and learn, we've created a number of reports detailing various projects. We also have reports compiled by our community researchers on various topics, and you can read a selection of these below.


Reports by Community Researchers

The Neighbourhood Asset Mapping of Greater Fishponds

Eight of BAB’s Community Researchers undertook neighbourhood asset-mapping of the Greater Fishponds area in Bristol. This report presents their findings and insights, as well as their reflections on the asset-mapping process.


Greater Brislington Mini Project

A team of four Community Researchers explored ten community groups within the Greater Brislington area of Bristol, identifying their present engagement with Bristol Ageing Better, their awareness of BAB’s Kickstart Scheme and the barriers to social participation. They then make recommendations for how BAB might be able to engage better with this community.


Community Kick-Start Fund - Evaluation Report on Successful Applicants 

An evaluation of BAB’s Community Kickstart Scheme. A team of Community Researchers used semi-structured interviews with funded groups to assess the strengths and limitations of the scheme, identifying areas for further improvement.


Community Webs - Final Evaluation Report

The final evaluation of the Community Webs project, funded by Bristol Ageing Better and Better Care Bristol. Community Webs supports, enables and equips GP patients to access social activities and non-medical support services available in their local community.


BAB reports

Community Kick-Start Fund: What have we learnt so far?

In November 2017 BAB facilitated a shared learning event with the Ageing Better programmes working in Birmingham, Thanet, Hackney and Cheshire. All were at different stages of delivering initiatives similar to BAB’s Community Kick-Start fund. This report outlines the learning from this event.


The New & Improved Kick-Start Fund: Changes we’ve made in 2018

At the beginning of 2018, BAB made some changes to the way in which the fund was administered. This learning report reviews the challenges and successes of the fund to date, and the changes implemented to allow it to reach even more isolated older people in its final year.


Age Friendly Homes: Building Solutions Together Event – What Did We Learn

This report presents the learning from our Age Friendly Homes event, in which we heard from a variety of speakers on the topic of Age Friendly housing. Together we learnt about the barriers to Age Friendly housing and the possible short-term and long-term solutions. This learning will be used to further develop Bristol’s Age Friendly action plan.


Wellbeing Service Pilot Projects: Key Learning

This report provides an overview of the key learning to emerge from the Wellbeing Service pilot projects which ran in 2016 and 2017.


Bristol Ageing Better: Our First Three Years

To celebrate our first three years we have put together a factsheet showing who the BAB programme has reached so far.

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