The Out and About Project

What was the project?

The project has been created to test a model of delivery for community development for older people that engages Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT+) people across Bristol. The project is designed and developed with local older people in the driving seat, creating a replicable model of best practices that aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older LGBT people.


What did the project do?

The aim of community developemnt with the older LGBT+ community was to engage with service providers and local partners to help create an LGBT+ friendly environment.

The project involved the creation of new social activities for the LGBT+ community such as  yoga for the over fifties and intergenerational walking.


How to get in touch

For further information about this project please email or ring 0117 928 1539


Why did BAB fund it?

Although there are, already existing LGBT+ over 50’s groups in Bristol there is a distinct lack of variation and choice within the groups.

Many of the groups are central and for most who are isolated, it is not always possible to make it into the centre of Bristol. The more vulnerable groups are over the 70’s, transgender men, non-binary, woman and disabled.

BAB wanted to fund a project that would be accessible to all LGBT+ older people in Bristol and offer a variety of activities. 




It is important for those who work with older people to feel confident in reaching and engaging LGBT+ individuals, creating an environment that is inclusive and welcoming. In February and March 2019, The Diversity Trust ran two workshops for projects within the BAB programme as well as other organisations working with older people in the city. The workshops were co-developed with individuals aged 50+ who identify as LGBT+ as well as BAB’s LGBT+ Community Development Officer for Older Adults. The Diversity Trust are happy for their training resources to be shared:




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