Age-Friendly Update

13 Mar 2017

The ‘Age Friendly City’ Project has gotten more momentum over the last few months and the next big step is to launch our ‘Age Friendly Charter’ in June 2017.   The charter will feature our 9 overarching visions for how we see the city looking by the year 2066. 

Wondering how these visions came about?

The process started back in 2015…

Initially, there was a report created by Bristol City Council, How Age Friendly is Bristol?, which was based on the Quality of Life Survey, which provides an annual snapshot of the quality of life in Bristol and gives local residents an opportunity to voice their opinions about issues close to their hearts and their views on local public services.  Following from that, Bristol Ageing Better held an Age Friendly Conference in 2015 where questions were posed about what the issues were that older people face in their day-to-day life under each of the 8 domains of the World Health Organisation. 

These issues were discussed in large group sessions, and groups had the opportunity to feed their views.  These documents were analysed and a report was created by Carly Urbanski, BAB Age Friendly Officer, comparing and contrasting the feedback.  It was determined that more evidence was needed before moving forward.

In August 2016, Carly conducted focus groups and consultations with a wide range of individuals and groups from across the city.  The aim of these consultations was to build on the findings from the previous meetings and focus more on what the top priorities are for older people that need to be addressed in Bristol.  

The findings from all of the above sessions and reports were then compared, and the vision statements were created with the intent that each of these priorities coming under at least one of the visions. 

The potential visions were then presented to numerous groups and individuals who lent advice and support, and changes were made where needed.  The final versions are now in place and ready for the launch.

The Age Friendly Bristol team is very much looking forward to the launch of this document in June and seeing how actions will be taken to better the city and create a more age-friendly Bristol.

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