Age Proud Bristol Launch Event

29 Jan 2020

BAB held a launch event for ‘Age Proud Bristol’ on Friday 24th January at Triodos Bank. The event brought together content from our awareness campaign which challenges negative stereotypes about older people and encourages people to view later life in a more positive way.

Age Proud Bristol features seven ‘Age Proud Bristol ambassadors’. The ambassadors are local older people based in Bristol who have been interviewed by the charity and feature in their campaign materials. They are a mixture of people, including a CEO, volunteers, a skydiver and community activists, who all demonstrate how wrong established stereotypes about older people are.

The event was attended by representatives from local organisations, members of the public and Mayor Marvin Rees. Highlights of the launch involved a panel debate featuring local older people involved in the making of the campaign, Ben Barker, Community Activist, Colin O’Brien, Chair person of Gaywest, Joyce Montague, Coordinator for Malcolm X Elders Group and Judith Brown, ambassador for The Bristol Older People’s Forum. Renowned photographer, Alex Rotas, also attended the event and spoke about the importance of positive imagery of older people.

As a part of the event, guests were asked to write why they were ‘Age Proud’ on a postcard. Responses included:

‘I an Age Proud because … I earned every one of my wrinkles and grey hairs. They are badges of honour.’
‘I am Age Proud because …. It is time to stop othering because of something that happens to all of us.’
‘I am Age Proud because …. I believe people of all ages have the potential to be active and give contributions to their communities.’

On the reverse side of these cards, guests signed a pledge about what they would do in the future to make Bristol more age-friendly. This postcard will be returned to them in March, complete with any information they need to carry out their pledge.

The campaign is a part of BAB’s age-friendly focus, which has seen Bristol work towards being accredited as an age-friendly city. This work has involved creating an age-friendly charter and two toolkits aimed at local businesses and neighbourhoods with tips on how to become more accessible towards older people.

Find out more about the campaign on our age-friendly Bristol website. 

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