All Aboard! - A new and interesting way of tackling loneliness in Bristol

28 Nov 2016

All Aboard! Watersports is a Bristol-based charity that makes it possible for everyone in our community to join in a range of watersports and water related activities in the beautiful and historic Bristol City Docks. Bristol Ageing Better has provided funding to All Aboard! to run groups focused on the over 50s, and give them the opportunity to get together and socialise, while being active outside and enjoying some of the greatest views available of Bristol. This group is funded through our Group Work and Peer Support stream of funding.

Made in Bristol, Bristol's local TV station, contacted us to find out more about this innovative and exciting project. Hannah Trent, from All Aboard! Watersports, joined Made in Bristol reporter, Jazmin to talk about the project: "Some of the people who have come to the taster sessions have now joined the organisation as volunteers. For us, this is very rewarding as we can see that full cycle of someone who now maybe has a bit more time on their hands than they used to or has recenly retired, and All Aboard! is providing them with an opportunity to get involved with the community."

Anna, who is currently a watersport mentor, shared: "This is really healthy and it makes you go out and see much more of what is going on in Bristol. You also meet others and it's enjoyable. And you just find that you are smiling, and ir rejuvenates you as a person, because you are getting out, and you are doing something you enjoy."

Anna enjoying the activity

Bianca Rossetti, BAB Partnership Officer, added: "Lots of older people can be nervous about taking that first step in finding social activities, and perhaps they don't know what's going on, so we are trying to spread the word about what is already happening and also support new activities. The idea is that all the activities are older people-led, so we really want to get older people's ideas for what sort of activities they would like to be made available to them." 

You can find out more about All Aboard! by visiting their website:

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