BAB Delivery Partner Meetings

5 Jun 2017

As Adam touched on in this week’s blog post, last week we hosted two delivery partner network meetings for our Community Navigator and Community Development for Older People projects respectively. A delivery partner is a group or organisation who have been awarded funding to deliver a project within the BAB Programme. 

The purpose of these meetings is to give opportunities for delivery partners within projects to update, network and share best practices and learning. These meetings are important for the way in which Bristol Ageing Better works as they strengthen our projects by enabling conversation, collaboration and space to reflect on key learning.

They are also beneficial as they help to provide a platform to bring together what has been found through the ‘test and learn’ process, whilst enabling us to collect learning from all the other processes within the BAB programme.

These initial meetings have started that conversation. They have given partners an opportunity to raise any questions, to shape and give input on BAB processes and put forward ideas for future meetings. Through the duration of the programme and at different stages of delivery, future delivery partner meetings will be useful in showcasing aspects of projects that have been working well, whilst finding commonalities and learning together about what can be improved.

As the projects continue to develop, we hope that these meetings will go on to inform a series of themed learning networks where delivery partners across the BAB programme can come together to share findings from their projects.

Not only will this enable and support continuous improvement across the partnership, but this will contribute to developing a legacy for the BAB programme where evaluation and learning will form an evidence base that will inform future service delivery in Bristol.

We are looking forward to hosting more network meetings in the future, the next one being an intergenerational themed learning network for our Learning for Life Together project on 20th June. 

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