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12 Jan 2017

Happy New Year! We are still in the midst of commissioning delivery partners for 7 of the BAB Community Development for Older People (CDOP) projects but are very pleased to announce that LinkAge has been awarded the 3-year CDOP Strategy, Organising and Coordination project, starting on 1st April.

When developing the blueprint for the BAB Community Development work it was identified that in general there was a lack of coordination of services on a city-wide level, and that while some areas lack any services or community development capacity, other areas see a number of duplicating and competing services. We were unable to fund everything that we wanted to in the City, and choose to focus the £1.5m Community Development fund on testing new community development approaches with communities across Bristol (delivery partners to be announced next month), and funding a strategic role that could provide support to all community development partners across the city. 

The Strategy, Organising and Coordination role will offer a city-wide approach to organising and supporting organisations, groups and activities that work with older people to develop their communities and improve the level of local decision making. LinkAge will work with partners to share learning from and encourage best practice in new and existing community development work, taking an asset-based approach to communities and older people. We look forward to working closely with LinkAge and all of our CDOP delivery partners in championing asset based community development work across Bristol.


Walkers from LinkAge group

Photo: Participants from LinkAge walking group. 

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