Bristol: A City For All Ages

20 Apr 2017

Bristol Ageing Better has always been committed to the Age Friendly Cities initiative and is working hard to create a city that is great to grow old in.  Recently a group of individuals have gotten together to form a ‘working group’ around all of the different ‘friendly’ city initiatives such as; Age Friendly, Child Friendly & Dementia Friendly.  This was to ensure that we are communicating with each other and working in a collaborative way to create a better Bristol for all people.

We have decided to host a week bringing together these different initiatives and highlighting how our work in the city overlaps and aims to reach some common goals.  We have created a ‘Bristol: A city for all ages’ week starting Monday June 19th 2017.  During the week there will be multiple different types of activities and events being held around the city.  All of these will highlight the great efforts that are happening in the city currently to make it a city for all ages.  While some are on a more strategic level, others will be activities open to the community.

Closer to the time there will be a list of all the events running during this week. Some of these events will be; the Age Friendly Charter Launch on June 21st at the central library, a research forum featuring Age Friendly presentations, an all age zumbathon, Dementia Friends training sessions, and much more!

We are reaching out to BAB's partners to see if you are interested in putting on an activity during this week and having it showcased through our partners and the wider ‘Bristol: A city for all ages’ network.  If this is of interest to you than we welcome you to get in touch with us here at BAB and we will include your activity in our programme for the weeks festivities.  Your contribution will be helping to create a more Age Friendly city

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