Capturing and sharing learning through BAB

1 Dec 2016

As our programme delivery increases we have been giving a lot more thought to how we can ensure that the learning from the BAB programme is captured and shared in order to effect better services for older people in the future. Learning is not just about the ‘test and learn’ aspect of projects - where we use emerging monitoring and evaluation data to adapt the way we work to improve outcomes for participants -  but also collecting learning from all the other processes within the BAB programme, and how these contribute to strategic and systemic change in Bristol. At a recent Ageing Better conference, Big Lottery Fund were clear that there is an expectation on all programmes to be collecting stories about continuous improvement within the partnership, alongside their existing monitoring and evaluation data.

Each Ageing Better area will have a different approach to capturing learning due to the difference in programme structures, however we have already started researching the different approaches being used across the 14 areas. In Bristol we will be creating a series of learning networks around different projects and themes, and will be providing opportunities for partners to participate in this sharing of learning. Distributing the learning and evidence from the Programme will also become a core focus of the refreshed Communications Strategy. Early next year we will be creating a new post within the BAB Programme Management Team to support the capturing, synthesising and sharing of evidence within the BAB partnership and beyond.

We see this learning post as having a key role in developing a legacy for the BAB programme, and supporting the partnership to achieve our associated programme outcome: that by 2020, evaluation and learning from BAB projects/initiatives has helped to build an evidence base to ensure that future services in Bristol are better planned and more effective in reducing loneliness and social isolation

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