Introducing our new Community Development Coordinators

19 Sep 2017

Community Development Coordinators 

LinkAge has been awarded 3 year funding by Bristol Ageing Better, to develop a city wide approach to community development.  A new team has been appointed to manage and deliver this work.  

Three Community Development Coordinators will be working in North, South and Central/East Bristol with the focus on people over the age of 50. The Coordinators will be supporting organisations and groups who aim to work in an asset based way, actively involving and including over 50’s in decision making and community life.

The Community Development Coordinators focus for the next few months will be to bring organisations that work with people over 50, together to network, share and build on best practice. 

They will also be working to identify gaps across the city; supporting residents to develop new activities and become more actively involved in decision making in their community.  

Your local Community Development Coordinators


Hello! My name is Tracy Edwards-Brown your Community Development Coordinator for North Bristol.

I previously worked within Bristol City Council as a Neighbourhood Officer for the Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston wards. For 3 years I delivered Neighbourhood Forums and supported residents in resolving issues that were important to them and the community they lived in.  

 So far, I have been visiting organisations and mapping activities that are taking place across the North. I am looking forward to continuing to develop new relationships with groups and organisations who work with older people of Bristol.

I look forward to meeting and working with you all.

07738 104 013



Hello! My name is Wendy Harris, the Community Development Coordinator for Central & East Bristol.

I have had a variety of jobs in community development & health, organisational development, and regeneration in the UK, Africa and Asia.

Since starting in July, I have been out meeting with some of the key organisations and people in the area and learning about the activities that are taking place with over 50’s.   I have started to identify areas where there is less activity for people over 50.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to share what you are doing or hear more about my work.

07738 104 097



Hello! My name is Magda Kowalik-Malcolm, the Community Development Coordinator for South Bristol. 

In my previous role as Community Development Officer at Bristol City Council, I supported local people in developing their own ideas and in building their own communities. I have also explored and practiced an asset based community development approach. From this I have learnt so much about the power of conversation, importance of local connections and people making their own decisions.

I am currently working with Bristol City Council and Bristol Charities, to develop a South Bristol gathering. The aim of the gathering is to discuss ideas, share stories and identify how those involved in community development can work together to support each other.

Do get in touch if you would like to have a chat about your community and share your ideas on how we can support local residents.

07738 104 101


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