No Bindings call for submissions

26 Oct 2017

What makes a city the kind of place where you can grow older and be an older person? No Bindings is collaborating with Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) to explore the possible answers to this question.

No Bindings is a project which was started in Bristol by Lily Green, a multimedia artist. Lily is a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio at the Watershed, and she makes sound recordings and handmade books which together form publication-podcasts.

During autumn and winter 2017, Lily will join forces with Pat Gregory, a member of BAB’s steering group. Equipped with a dictaphone, the duo will get to know the ins and outs of nine projects that work with and for older people in Bristol. They will collect interviews and stories and hear what project leaders and older people have to say about how Age Friendly the city is.

The nine projects that No Bindings will focus on are chosen to reflect the nine factors that make a city Age Friendly, as laid out in BAB’s Age Friendly Charter.

These are:

Navigating the City (Transport)

My House, My Home (Housing)

Inside Spaces, Outside Spaces (Buildings)

My Voice (Civic Participation and Employment: Being Heard and Making Decisions)

My Value (Civic Participation and Employment: Access to Work and Volunteering)

Dignity (Respect and Social Inclusion)

I’m Well (Community Support and Health Services)

You’re Invited! (Social Participation)

#Connected (Communication and Information)

As well as hearing from projects, No Bindings is looking to engage people with something to say about the nine factors which make a city Age Friendly.

If you have something to say about one of those nine areas, Lily is encouraging people to try their hand at producing a creative written or visual piece to submit for selection to the final publication-podcast. If a piece you produce is selected, you’ll be gifted £150 for your involvement and invited to record a relaxed interview with Lily and Pat. You’ll be able to talk about your work, your selected theme, and yourself.

The deadline for submissions is 10th November 2017. You can find out how to submit your work on the No Bindings website, here (

The final publication-podcast will be launched in late April 2018. Several copies will be available to borrow from Bristol libraries and the sound recordings will also be played on the Babbers radio show on Ujima Radio.


No Bindings and BAB hope that this creative project will bring to light the efforts people are already taking to make Bristol age friendly, as well as the steps that still need to be taken. Lily said, “As something to read, something to listen to and something you can send in the post (2nd class large letter 76p, don’t you know!), the hope is that this publication-podcast will spark many more conversations about how the citizens of Bristol can and do help make the city a place where people can grow older and be older.”


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