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20 Sep 2018

Welcome to the Bristol Ageing Better regular update

Two years ago this month, I wrote to you all to launch our Blueprint for community development and to release £1.5 million of funding to deliver 10 Community Development for older people projects. All of these projects are now delivering well with the LGBT+ Community development project starting most recently. We couldn’t fund every part of the city and it took a lot of planning and conversations with older people and partners to make the tough decision to focus our delivery in certain areas. Our Community Researchers are working with the Community development projects on the evaluation of them and the projects come together regularly to share their learning with each other.

The community development projects have embraced asset based approaches, with older people at the heart of the projects using their skills, experiences and energy to improve their localities for themselves and for others. You can see two stories below, but we also have seen Older people in Stockwood have setting up a community allotment within the grounds of Southern Links Children’s Centre and at the other side of the city, we have library socials in Hillfields.

I’m so proud to be part of this programme and spend a lot of my time talking about the fantastic work all of our partners have put in to delivering these projects for older people in Bristol.

Best wishes,

Adam Rees, Programme Director

Partner case study: Bedminster Community Development

Books have always been a big part of Jo’s life and at 91, she didn’t think it too late to try her hand at writing her own. Her idea for her book came from hearing someone at the Ashton Silver Social group, an older people’s group, read out a short story from a newspaper. She thought, ‘I can do that’ and subsequently wrote a story which she read out at the group. It went down well so she carried on writing and before she knew it she had a healthy collection of stories...

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Partner case study: Hengrove Over 50s club, South Bristol

“It took seven months from my initial visit in the club and various chats with members, to the actual first new activity at the end of February. It’s an example of the importance of trust and relationship building in community development work and moving along the community at their own pace."

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