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6 Feb 2017
Welcome to the Bristol Ageing Better regular Update
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On 28th February, in celebration of LGBT History Month, we will be hosting our first storytelling night, inviting a number of people to tell us a story about their life in Bristol as a member of the LGBT community. It may be a recent story, or a tale from a different part of their lives, but each one will be unique and personal.

In the past few months, the BAB programme management team have been focussed on commissioning and the launch of new projects, many of which will be starting from April. While this has been very important for us to do, it is also important for us to remember that BAB is ultimately about older people who are isolated and lonely. We strive to keep older people at the heart of the programme; our Older Peoples Steering Group decides how Kick-Start funding is spent, our programme board has a majority of over 50s and at least one older person sits on every selection panel, whether for commissioning delivery partners of recruiting new members of the programme management team. Our Community Researchers are also doing great work supporting the evaluation of the programme.

On top of all the focus on reporting, outcomes and evaluation, BAB is committed to getting stories and case studies from every delivery partner. We also want to make sure that we celebrate and learn from the colourful and diverse stories of all older individuals in the city.

BAB will always strive to celebrate individual voices and use these to make sure that what we can deliver is right for those who most need it.
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Best wishes,

Adam Rees

BAB Director

Pro Bono Coaching for Voluntary Sector Leaders


As presented at our latest BAB Partnership Meeting by Alan Carpenter and Joanna Davey, alongside Voscur they are presenting voluntary sector leaders with the opportunity to access up to three coaching sessions at no cost.

This is a pilot project we hope to develop and expand to support more local voluntary sector leaders. BAB would like to encourage the partnership to take this opportunity to further develop the sector's capacity.

If you’d like to discuss this offer in more detail before deciding whether to take it up, please contact Alan Carpenter on 07831 403560 (

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Partner Highlight

Wellspring Healthy Living Centre (HLC)

Founded in 2004 by residents of Barton Hill in Bristol, Wellspring Healthy Living Centre is a vibrant charity serving one of the most diverse communities in England.

Wellspring exists to address the health inequalities experienced by residents of inner-city and east Bristol, particularly those who live in the Lawrence Hill Ward.

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Wellspring Healthy Living Centre (HLC) are currently delivering one of BAB's Wellbeing pilots.

Alive! selected as delivery parter for BAB project in Care Homes

Ruth Richardson, BAB Programme Manager, announced the award today following a competitive bidding process, saying “Alive! have a great track-record of delivering innovative projects in care homes across the region. We are excited to see local organisations work in partnership to ensure older people are empowered and involved in decisions affecting their care home communities.”

Working in partnership with Growing Support, Alive! will extend its existing community relationships, by using the many skills and assets which exist across Bristol, to bring meaning, purpose and joy to the lives of older people living in four care homes in the city.

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BAB Notice Board Posts

E-petition: Increase healthcare spending now to a minimum of 10.6% of GDP to save our NHS
Posted December 15th 2016 by Judith Brown

Wellbeing Champions for Older People - Apply now for your place on this FREE Training course
Posted December 20th 2016 by Rachel Folan

Oasis-Talk a new BAB partner
Posted December 6th 2016 by Vicki Palmer

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