Using memorandums of understanding

26 Oct 2017

With so many partners across the city working hard to achieve different aims and objectives, it can be tricky working together towards common goals.

When we come together with partners to collaborate on work, we will often use a memorandum of understanding to ensure that the communication of goals is laid out clearly from the beginning.  

We have had some requests to see an example of our memorandum of understanding (MOU) and wanted to make it available to all of our BAB partners.

One of our aims at BAB, has always been to make sure that the knowledge, tips and tricks that we are learning from our partners and through our work is being shared with our partnership and the wider public. 

This example is not a ‘must use’ template, but simply an example of the format that we use here at BAB. If  your organisation is going to be working in partnership and already has a templates MOUs on which to draw, then we would encourage people to use whichever version is best and easiest for the parties involved.

Our version includes an example activities schedule and finance section. There won't always be a need for an activities schedule, but it may help you to work this out for the signed agreement, keeping all parties on track and accountable. Additionally, in many cases such as partnership agreements there won’t be finances between the parties, but it is important to work out where the resources are coming from and be clear up front about expectations. 

We have used this MOU for projects with the Clinical Commissioning Group when we have jointly funded projects and for our City for all Ages project, where we have aligned our goals with partners and made efforts to work together where appropriate.

We hope that this example MOU can be of use to some of you.

Download the MOU here


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