Window Wanderland on The One Show

6 Apr 2017


Earlier in the year, we were pleased to promote this kick-start funded project, Window Wanderland, which took over two residential building blocks in Bedminster during February to bring light and fresh creative ideas to the windows of its residents. 

The residents of Gaywood House and Northfield House, joined the rest of their community, filling the windows of over 70 streets in the BS3 area with lights and decorations, turning Bedmisnter into an open-air gallery for one weekend.

Two artists encouraged residents to decorate their windows and also provided a space for these residents to meet and engage with the materials to create something fantastic.

“You don’t see that many people when you shut your front door, so it was very nice to just be with people”, said one of the residents who got involved with the project.

By coming together, the residents were able to produce one of the most ambitious and impressive display of all. Alongside a graphic designer, several flat residents joined forces to create a beanstalk display climbing up the side of one of the residential buildings. The result is just fantastic!

The team from The One Show interviewed a couple who were out enjoying the open air displays: “It’s brilliant! It’s a great way to get the community involved, we are thinking about doing it next year.”

Window Wanderland was supported by BAB's Community Kick-Start Fund, which allows organisations, groups and individuals to seek up to £2,000 for a new activity that is likely to reduce isolation and loneliness for older people. So far, the fund has provided funding to 59 new activities across the city, committing around £82,000 towards to the successful applicants.

Window Wanderland is a community initiative started three years ago in Bristol by Lucy Reeves-Khan. With the aim of encouraging community connections through annual winter events, the fun of Window Wanderland has spread outside of the city as far as London and Harrogate.

The news report closed the piece highlighting how Window Wanderland is a great reflection of what can be achieved when people come together.   

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