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Bristol Ageing Better is announcing a brand new commissioning opportunity, and inviting organisations to submit an application to administer a network of former and current BAB beneficiaries.

This network will provide a means of connecting older BAB participants and volunteers to each other, the BAB programme and to other partners. It is hoped that it will involve participants and volunteers from all BAB projects, deliver informal local opportunities to connect and network and encourage members to be ambassadors for BAB and Age Friendly Bristol.


About BAB Participants Network project


Introduction & History


Bristol Ageing Better is a partnership which works hard to create spaces for delivery partners to collaborate and learn from one another. BAB has collated learning from 3 years of delivery to identify what participants and delivery partners need most out of BAB for the remaining 2 years.

BAB has developed a strong strategic brand with awareness amongst organisations and decision makers. There had been less focus on advertising the BAB name to older people because the emphasis has been on celebrating and supporting the individual delivery partners rather than creating a new organisation.

We have had over 7,500 older participants across the programme. However, many of these have only attended one off events. We are working with delivery partners to increase the number of people engaging with ongoing activities, but common feedback from participants is that they don't know enough about what BAB has to offer.

Investigation into similar situations in other Ageing Better areas has shown more successful ongoing engagement through some kind of ‘Participant Network’. For example, Middlesbrough makes all participants “members” of Ageing Better Middlesbrough and keeps them informed through newsletters and coffee meetups in cafes and stores.

Thanet has created a reward card for participants who continue to engage that gives people access to discounts at local stores.



Aim of BAB Participants Network project


Bristol Ageing Better is commissioning a Participant Network that will deliver support and networking to older people and keep them informed of the services on offer through BAB and more generally in the city. The successful delivery partner should deliver a project that:


  • Involves BAB participants and volunteers from all BAB projects.
  • Encourages informal local opportunities to connect and network.
  • Encourages members of the BAB Participants Network to act as champions/ambassadors for BAB and the concept of Age Friendly Bristol.
  • Holds regular assemblies to bring older people in Bristol together to share learning and experiences.
  • Works closely with Bristol Older Peoples Forum to avoid duplication and identify opportunities for collaboration.
  • Develops a sustainable model of engagement and influence for older people in Bristol.
  • Works with BAB partners to collaborate across projects and to put the needs of participants first.


Download the full invitation to tender for more information [updated 16/03/2018 to include all nine 'at risk' groups as identified by BAB]

Download the tender submission form

Appendix 1 - BAB Commissioning Terms and Conditions

Appendix 2 - Bid Evaluation Model

Appendix 3a - CMF Guidance

Appendix 3b - Information for participants

Appendix 3c - Blue registration form

Appendix 3d - Red wellbeing form

Appendix 4a - BAB Delivery Partner Contract

Appendix 4b - Project addendum to BAB Delivery Partner Contract

Appendix 4c - Terms and Conditions of Grant


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