St Pauls and Easton

CDOP St Pauls and Easton

This project was run by LiveWest and finished in February 2019.

What was the project?

The main aim of the project is to address loneliness and isolation in the over 50s for people living in St Pauls and Easton area. These aims are achieved through supporting engagement in local events and activities, facilitating the creation of new groups and activities, and identifying and maximising opportunities to make connections between isolated people and the wider community. 


What did the project do?

Live West had four community development workers who runs events and activities to engage older isolated people. These have included: a sewing club, an arts group, a crafts group, a cinema club and a social group who organise trips and gatherings together.

People who have become involved in regular activities have talked about how many new friends they have made, feeling valued, feeling happier, less isolated and feeling more connected to their communities.


Why did BAB fund it?

When commissioning 9 community development projects, we followed the core mantra that one size does not fit all in Bristol. There was a clear need for different and distinct models of delivery dependent upon the areas of focus. For instance, in St Pauls and Easton there has been an increase in the level of gentrification which could be affecting the lives of older people and we were keen to investigate this topic further.

St Pauls and Easton was additionally chosen as BAB identified that there had been no significant funding provided to organisations within this area for some time. We were keen to fund a project in the area that would build on research undertaken by the Community Researchers and would focus on identifying any specific areas of need and refocusing their work in Year 2 to address this.

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