This project was run by St Monica Trust

What was the project?

St Monica Trust’s community development team helped to empower older people in and around Bristol to make changes in their own communities and lives. The Stockwood project aimed to reduce social isolation and loneliness in the older population, as well as to ensure that older people feel able to influence decisions in their community. 

What did the project do?

The community development project for older people in Stockwood takes an asset-based approach which seeks to build on strengths that already exist in the community and work with residents to identify gaps and run citizen-led projects that will last long after the funding for the project ends. The community development worker is based at and works in partnership with the local Children’s Centre, maximising opportunities for intergenerational activity. 


How to get in touch

For further information about this project please email or ring  0117 928 1539


Why did BAB fund it?

Stockwood was once a busy community with many families but with 40% of the local population over 55 (compared with 29% for the whole of Bristol) it has one the largest ageing populations in the city. Due to this ageing population in a previously family focussed community, there is a lack of coordination and infrastructure and support services.  BAB commissioned a Community Development project within Stockwood with the aims of increasing activities with and around older people and to support older people in influencing decisions around the future of their community.


Project news

The project successfully set up a number of groups run by local volunteers including gardening, repair café, choir and bereavement peer-support. All of these groups have been made sustainable and will continue past the length of the project. The Greater Stockwood Alliance was formed by residents as a result of the project and works to address community needs and, such as reaching the ‘hard to reach’ older people within the community and supporting new community initiatives. St Monica Trust have continued this project post BAB-funding. 

Many BAB projects highlighted the need for low level bereavement support in the community and BAB is now working with the Community development Worker from Stockwood to share learning on how to set up a bereavement peer support group so that this can be replicated across the city and further afield. Details of these training sessions can be found on our events page. 

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