Supporting Individuals

4. Supporting Individuals to live fulfilling lives

We developed the BAB programme to consider different approaches to tackling loneliness and isolation. The other themes in the programme address strategic changes, community changes and the process through which to find isolated and lonely older people. The projects in this fourth theme will test different models of working with people on a one to one basis or in small groups. We will learn from these models and start to consider how we can secure funding for these going beyond the programme.

Wellbeing Service

Professional, brief solution-focussed therapy for those whose emotional problems contribute to their loneliness.

Group Work and Peer Support

Activities that seek to improve older people's isolation and feelings of loneliness through group work or support from their peers.

Combining Personalisation and Community Empowerment (CPCE)

New way of working for people assessed as eligible for adult social care, isolated people receive additional volunteer support. 




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