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What is the project?

Free counselling for people over 50 from venues in Knowle West & St Pauls.


What does the project do?

The aim of this project is to improve the wellbeing of older people by providing up to six sessions of free counselling. Depression affects 1 in 3 older people and counselling is an evidenced intervention for depression. There is also specific telephone counselling for Carers available through Carers Support Centre, and outreach to existing community groups in the form of free wellbeing taster sessions. 


How to get in touch

To contact the project, please call 0117 9277 577 or email 


Why did BAB fund it?

We commissioned 5 wellbeing pilots in 2016 and the learning from these suggested that the use of talking therapies has positive effects through a number of different formats. We have also seen the positive effects on wellbeing from our Group Work pilots as well as pilots that address housebound older people and carers. We decided to commission 2 talking therapy projects that work across Bristol delivering psychological therapies to address common obstacles to engagement. These could include fear and stigma of engaging with traditional therapies or physical barriers to accessing service

Call us: 0117 928 1539

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