Talking Therapies Second Step

This project is run by Second Step.

What is the project?

Free counselling for people aged over 50 and living in Bristol.


What does the project do?

The project provides free one-to-one sessions in the home for those who find it difficult to access therapies elsewhere; this could be due to mobility issues or a lack of confidence.

Sessions with a therapist last up to one and a half hours and will involve an initial assessment and up to five weekly follow up visits.

The project also uses a cognitive behavioural (CBT) approach to work with problems such as: Worry and loss of confidence, building up social contacts with friends and family and more.


How to get in touch?

For more information or to make a referral please contact us at Bristol Ageing Better Wellbeing Service on 0117 244 4200 or email


Why did BAB fund it?

We commissioned 5 wellbeing pilots in 2016 and the learning from these suggested that the use of talking therapies has positive effects through a number of different formats. We have also seen the positive effects on wellbeing from our Group Work pilots as well as pilots that address housebound older people and carers. We decided to commission 2 talking therapy projects that work across Bristol delivering psychological therapies to address common obstacles to engagement. These could include fear and stigma of engaging with traditional therapies or physical barriers to accessing service

Call us: 0117 928 1539

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