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When the Community Fund first released the Ageing Better programme, they challenged different geographical areas in England to develop a programme that would lead to people over 50 being:


  • Less isolated and lonely
  • Actively involved in their communities, with their views and participation valued more highly
  • More engaged in the design and delivery of services that improve their social connections


In addition, the areas also needed to support delivery partners to improve their planning, coordination and delivery and to better involve older people in this work. The Big Lottery Fund consider the whole of Bristol Ageing Better a Test and Learn project, an opportunity to test a range of ideas within a City, analyse and learn from these projects before improving and repeating the process.


Within the BAB programme it is important for us to assess the impact of the programme and evidence the outcomes we have achieved both for older people themselves and for delivery partners. We are also enthusiastic about identifying the key learning from the programme so that this knowledge can be used to improve the quality of the support given to older people by delivery partners, other organisations and future commissioners. The process of evaluation often brings some learning to light and evaluations conducted earlier in the programme can be used to inform and improve projects occurring later in the programme. However, we also have a specific focus on learning separate to our evaluation in order to share learning over a shorter timeframe and therefore make improvements during the course of project delivery.


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