Working with Communities

3. Working with Communities to increase the services and activities available.

As we start to create the conditions in the city and find the most isolated and lonely older people, we must make sure that they have strong and vibrant communities around them that they can get support from and contribute to. This theme will support new approaches to developing communities and will also be proactive in evaluating the impact of the programme.

We will encourage innovation through this theme, supporting the development of larger and small projects that will trial new methods of supporting lonely and isolated people to meet and engage with their communities. 

Community Development for Older People

City-wide roll out of  asset-based approach providing a diverse range of activities, co-production and capacity building.

Learning for Life Together

A major asset based intergenerational programme with local Learning institutions, with a focus on the empowerment of isolated older people through sharing skills and experience.

Community Kick-Start Fund

A fund for community groups who have an idea to kickstart activities that tackle isolation and loneliness.

Community Researchers

Training and supporting a group of older people to become competent in qualitative research to undertake community audits and much of the evaluation of BAB. 


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