Your Food, Your Health

This project is run by Wellspring Healthy Living Centre in partnership with Buzz Lockleaze and BS3 Community:

What is the project?

A programme of activities that allow people to connect with others through sharing food and learning about cooking and nutrition.


What does the project do?

Your Food, Your Health provides the opportunity for people over 50 living in sheltered and independent living accommodation in three localities to come together socially to enjoy and improve their relationship with food. Using a creative and inclusive approach, three Food Development Workers and volunteers support communities to increase people’s enjoyment of food, rediscover food skills, and buy and use fresh food and produce. We provide regular opportunities for people to eat and cook together, and socialise at food-based services and events across the city. The Food Development workers talk to participants and plan activities based on their requests, such as cooking and eating together sessions, cooking on a budget groups, community information, gentle exercise, food memories and local trips. Participants can also access the many and varied activities being provide by Buzz Lockleaze, BS3 Communities and Wellspring Healthy Living Centre, as well as being signposted to events in their local areas. 


How to get in touch

If you have a question or would like to get in touch about this project please contact Louise Spencer by email: or by phone: 0117 304 1440.


Call us: 0117 928 1539

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