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Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) is a partnership working to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older people and help them live fulfilling lives. 

The BAB programme aims to reduce isolation and loneliness in older people in Bristol across 4 main themes:

  1. Creating the Conditions to reduce and prevent loneliness
  2. Identifying and Informing older people at risk of loneliness
  3. Working with Communities to increase services & activities available
  4. Supporting Individuals to live fulfilling lives
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Who We Are

BAB is a partnership of individuals and organisations working together to reduce isolation and loneliness among older people in Bristol.

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Our Projects

BAB is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund to develop and deliver a programme that identifies the best ways of reducing the isolation and loneliness of older people.

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Learning and Evaluation Hub

There are a number of different ways that we collect evidence about our projects to help us evaluate our impact on older people.

News & Events

BAB Voices

BAB Voices: The Reader
  • Alive! testimonial video

    What Others Say

    We joined the BAB partnership when it was first set up – it was and still is a fantastic opportunity for charities and other organisations in Bristol to develop closer relationships, find out about each other’s services and find ways of working closer together to reduce loneliness and isolation for older people in Bristol. - Jennie Reed, Alive! View More
  • The Reader testimonial video

    What Others Say

    We are working with Bristol Libraries and Bristol Ageing Better, we want to encourage people to start getting into reading and shared reading; it's about connecting people to each other as well as to literature. - Emma, The Reader View More
  • Wyldwood Arts testimonial video

    What Others Say

    It's a really exciting project, so we are really grateful to have that long-term [Learning for Life Together] funding. I think for us what is really important is to have the opportunity to have an established block of funding so we can really spend the time. - Jaz Pinckney, Wyldwood Arts View More
  • BAB Steering Group testimonial video

    What Others Say

    Thank you BAB for the privilege being a member of the first Community Kick-start Fund Panel and to see at first hand the volume and range of excellent activities BAB is supporting. It was a valuable learning curve for me - always much appreciated at my advanced age. - Brian Morgan, BAB Steering Group View More
  • BDP's Over 50s Champion testimonial video

    What Others Say

    At last a few moments to THANK YOU for making such a loving film… and to comment again on the beautiful outcome presented to us at the end of the ‘BAB – One Year On’ event. What a delicious surprise ~ the Over 50s Alcohol Champions Group is certainly proving a nurturing body ~ beyond our wildest dreams… - Debbie, BDP's Over 50s Champion View More
  • The Elder Tree testimonial video

    What Others Say

    '[Joining the partnership] has been really helpful, a real support for a tiny organisation starting up. I feel really lucky to be part of it.' - Sara, The Elder Tree View More
  •  testimonial video

    What Others Say

    'I think this animation is terrific. Incredibly funny and touching, using the voices of ordinary people to create lovable warm and intriguing characters. Ace Work!' - Keith Winestein, View More
  • The Elder Tree testimonial video

    What Others Say

    ‘If you are at a BAB meeting, you are pretty much there with everybody else who is doing stuff in this field in Bristol.’ - Sara, The Elder Tree View More
  •  testimonial video

    What Others Say

    '[After watching the animation I would like to] Make sure any spare time is spent doing interesting & fun things such as LinkAge courses. If I get lonely or worried I know there are people I can call for help. Thank you BAB for all that you are doing for us older people.' - Aardman Premiere Attendee, View More
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