Learning & sharing

Learning & sharing
Posted By: Adam Rees - BAB Programme Director, 21st June

We have come so far since BAB launched in March 2015. I am very proud of the fantastic collaborations across all of the BAB partners, from the contributions to our original application to the organisations joining forces to deliver BAB projects across the city today.

We have our Community Researchers and UWE evaluating the programme but in addition to this, there is so much learning that is coming out of all aspects of the programme and it is always amazing to see the number of case studies we see from different projects.  Evaluation, learning and case studies are so important to us, showing that the projects are making a difference and also showing how ideas have been tested and improved in order to make a bigger difference.

We have recently shared learning from our Community webs and Community Navigator projects with NHS England to help them develop a national framework for social prescribing and we are always keeping different funders up to date onour progress to encourage their involvement with delivery partners after 2020.

BAB’s contributions go far beyond the original remit of the programme and we are pleased that we can continue to contribute to making Bristol a great place to grow old. We have been working with Mayor Rees and the council on the One city approach and on the application to make Bristol an Age Friendly City. The work that we plan to deliver through AGE Friendly Bristol will make the city more age friendly and in the process will make it more friendly so many different people. Please get in touch with us as we finalise the Age friendly application as we continue to want input from older people and partners on what needs to be done. 




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