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Bristol Meets the World

This project was run by Bristol & Avon Chinese Womens Group in partnership with 91 Ways, Hanover Housing, Brunel Care and the Carers’ Support Centre.

What was the project?

A programme of activities that allows cultural exchange through cooking lessons, shared meals, and food-related workshops and talks.


What did the project do?

Bristol Meets the World provided an opportunity for people aged over 50 from Bristol’s diverse communities to meet new people and try new cuisines. The delivery partners worked with Chinese elders as well as residents of several care homes, carers, and several BAME-led groups. Activities include lessons in healthy cookery – such as Chinese sweet and sour chicken and Vietnamese spring rolls – as well as demonstrations including Chinese tea ceremonies. 


How to get in touch

If you have a question about this project or would like to get in touch please contact Bianca Rossetti,


Project news and learning

This programme exceeded its anticipated number of participants and sessions, and the collaboration between many charity partners who hadn’t worked together before provided opportunities for cultural exchange between older people which didn’t previously exist in Bristol. Many participants reported that not only did the cookery sessions help them to discover new foods and meals that they enjoyed, it also provided social opportunities for non-English speaking older people which were lacking. Bristol Meets the World will continue until at least March 2021 under funding from St Monica Trust. They are continuing to run sessions via Zoom and Facebook Lives and will resume one-to-one in-person sessions if it becomes safe to do so, prioritising care home residents with dementia who have been harder to reach during the pandemic.

Read UWE’s final evaluation of Bristol Meets the World and Talking Tables: Community-supported shared meals in Bristol


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