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November 2020: Volunteering and Volunteer Support for Older Adults

Jessica Duffy - A look at volunteering during Covid-19

Ailsa Cameron - The contribution of volunteers in social care for older people: opportunities and challenges for practice


September 2020: Older People’s Use of Technology During Covid-19

Hannah Marston - Digital technologies to support older adults and services in a pandemic

Praminda Caleb-Solly and Alex Sleat - Trialling smart home technologies and assistive robots with residents and staff to support independent living and wellbeing.

Helen Manchester -  Ageing and technology: assumptions and questions.


June 2020: Loneliness & Social Connections in the Context of Covid-19

Amy Beardmore – Apart but not Alone: Neighbour Support and the Covid-19 Lockdown

Tom Scharf – Loneliness in Later Life During Covid-19

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