Bristol Research Forum on Ageing

What is the Bristol Research Forum on Ageing?

The Bristol Research Forum on Ageing is a place to explore the latest research related to ageing and older people’s experiences. It communicates relevant research findings to commissioners, service providers, practitioners and the public within Bristol. Running for over 20 years, it has enabled both practice and policy decisions in the city to be informed by the latest research evidence.

All are welcome to come along to learn from the research, there are no restrictions on who can attend. Whether you are an expert in the topic being discussed or are just beginning to learn about it, the forum will allow you to learn, reflect, and meet other people interested in this field.

Taking place quarterly, each forum focuses on a specific theme. Themes are chosen based on local developments in the city, research timescales and suggestions from attendees. Previous forums have covered themes such as patient advocacy, LGBT+, loneliness, death/dying and ethnic diversity.

Our programme of forums for 2021 will be announced soon.


Who is involved?

The Bristol Research Forum on Ageing is a collaboration between Age UK Bristol, Brunelcare, the University of the West of England (UWE) and the University of Bristol.

Each partner brings a unique approach to the forum:

  • UWE Bristol and University of Bristol: Working together to provide access to the latest research and evidence.

  • Age UK Bristol: An independent organisation of and for older people in Bristol, helping to inform practice and service development in the city.

  • Brunelcare: A provider of high-quality services for older people in the city, applying research to service provision


How can I find out more?

Click here to join the mailing list for the Bristol Research Forum on Ageing and be the first to find out about upcoming dates and topics.

The slides and resources from previous research forums can be found below.



If you have any other questions, please contact Claire Chivers or Caroline Gerrard using the details below:

  • Claire Chivers (Age UK Bristol) - 0117 928 1539 or 

  • Caroline Gerrard (Brunelcare) - 0117 428 1260 or 


Slides and resources from previous research forums

November 2020: Volunteering and Volunteer Support for Older Adults

Jessica Duffy - A look at volunteering during Covid-19

Ailsa Cameron - The contribution of volunteers in social care for older people: opportunities and challenges for practice


September 2020: Older People’s Use of Technology During Covid-19

Hannah Marston - Digital technologies to support older adults and services in a pandemic

Praminda Caleb-Solly and Alex Sleat - Trialling smart home technologies and assistive robots with residents and staff to support independent living and wellbeing.

Helen Manchester -  Ageing and technology: assumptions and questions.


June 2020: Loneliness & Social Connections in the Context of Covid-19

Amy Beardmore – Apart but not Alone: Neighbour Support and the Covid-19 Lockdown

Tom Scharf – Loneliness in Later Life During Covid-19

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