BAB Voices: Brian
Take my word for it: 'Nordic walking opened up my world!'

Brian, 80, wanted to share his new found love for Nordic Walking with the whole of Bristol, so we spoke to him to find out what was the fuss, and now we are hooked too! Brian was signposted by one of our BAB partners Age UK Bristol to Bristol Nordic Walking, and he absolutely loves it.

“I think it’s absolutely brilliant! I’ve had several health problems in the past, including spine problems and a hip replacement, so I used to be quite weary about getting out and about. I would drive to a shop and back, but if I had to take the bus I would worry about how I would get around once I reached my destination.”

Nordic Walking is just like ordinary walking except that you use two specially designed poles to help propel you forward.  It has its origins in cross country skiing, so your upper body muscles as well as your legs are involved. It makes Nordic walking a genuine whole body exercise and it can be as gentle or energetic as you want.

Nordic Walking

“I was signposted to Bristol Nordic Walking by George from Age UK Bristol, he said he had a knee injury in the past and that he liked it, so I thought I would give it a go. After having an initial session for about an hour, I was hooked, now I’ve even ordered my own set of walking sticks.”

“I used to cycle everywhere in the past and was a long distance runner, so you could imagine how frustrating it was when my mobility was reduced. 6 years ago I spent 3 years in a wheelchair. Nordic walking opened up my world! I even went to Cornwall and walked for a total 2 and a half hours!”

“It is a great way of getting out and about, enjoying being outdoors and meeting people. As you are all doing the same thing you get to talk to people, of course there is the odd one or two who like to show off and go ahead, but there are classes for different levels so it is not a problem!”

Group Nordic Walking

Vicky Welsh started Bristol Nordic Walking in 2010 and since then it has gone from strength to strength. They aim is to spread the word around Bristol about just how effective and fun this total body workout is. People living in Bristol are always keen to try new things, keep ?t and get out and about in our fantastic city!

Their walks are full of chat and laughter but don?t think you aren?t getting a work-out! The highly effective technique means that you can walk further and faster than you usually would and still keep up a conversation.

Call Ros on 07886 885213 or email to find out more and get walking!

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