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Intergenerational Storytelling - Judith's Story
Part of Bristol: A City for All Ages Week events

The third instalment of stories from our Intergenerational Storytelling Night is Judith's recount of meeting her grandmother for the first time.

Judith Brown is no stranger to BAB. She is Deputy Chair of Bristol Ageing Better and Chair of Bristol's Older People's Forum. Judith's story, however, spoke of a time before her campaigning days had begun.

"She bent down, and she said 'you've come at last', and I knew instantly that she loved me", she shared with the audience. Judith's story is full of warm memories of returning to England from India in the 1940s.



When describing life in India, she said: "The staff were all very kind, but they didn't love me." Coming back to her grandmother's house made a great impression on Judith. When remembering her grandmother, she shares intimates scenes of her childhood, and portrays her as an inspiration for her.


"She had very little money, but no one ever entered that house without being fed", she recalls when talking about her endless generosity. She also remembers an episode of her childhood where she witnessed her grandmother standing up to defend a neighbour and her family from an abusive partner. This particular story made quite an impact on Judith, and inspired her to stand up for others.


Judith's story is the third of a four-part series of stories from our storytelling night held in June. The event was part of Bristol: A City for All Ages week, which saw a wide range of activities celebrating intergenerational projects.

You can see other stories, including Patsy's and Ruth's, on our BAB Voices section.


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