Partner Case Study: Arnolfini
A case study from Arnolfini's Perry's Shorts and Perry's Tours activities

Perry’s Shorts and Perry’s Tours, organised by the Arnolfini


About the project

The Arnolfini gallery was funded through the Bristol Ageing Better Community Kick-Start Fund, which offers goods or services to the value of £2,000 to tackle social isolation in Bristol.

Perry's Shorts was an intergenerational project which saw pupils from Ashton Park School, older people and PECo Theatre Company working together to create a piece of work in response to a Grayson Perry exhibition.

It was shown on 2nd December 2018 and the project was complimented with tours of the exhibition, especially for older people. Participants attending the tours were invited to watch the shared piece of work.

This project was a first step taken by Arnolfini towards becoming a more Age Friendly organisation: inviting older people to visit and create, make friends and work with pupils who are looking to learn from them.


Event feedback

“I want to contribute more to community projects, making a positive contribution. Having had a very scientific, engineering and organisational career it is very uplifting to be involved with artistic enterprises in my retirement, dancing, singing and drama! Working with young people is new to me (other than my own children) so this is interesting and stretching for me. I hope that what we will do will be useful to Arnolfini and Bristol Ageing Better.”


“I enjoyed the warm ups - Eg. with photos, proverbs, guided meditation to develop characters, development of chorus work, prompt sheets to focus our attention on the art exhibit at the start of the programme, as well as the tea and cake and Rachel and David's encouragement and enthusiasm!”


“A lovely way to spend a morning. It was a great way to visit the gallery when it was so overcrowded and we had the leisure to see things without distraction or interruption.”


Impact and learning

Participants reported enjoying the experience of working on intergenerational projects with younger students. They also reported satisfaction at being able to take part in a creative exercise and become more involved in the Bristol arts scene.

Some participants expressed some dissatisfaction that the project was not able to run for a longer time, and would have liked to have spent a greater proportion of the workshops working with students.

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