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Community Development for Older People: coordination, strategy and organisation

This project was run by LinkAge

What was the project?

The LinkAge Network Community Development for Older People project was city wide and employed three Community Development Co-ordinators (CDCs).


What did the project do?

The project worked with communities to:

1. Encourage new activities from organisations or groups of older people. the CDCs identify gaps for older adults and work with existing assets to generate activity to fill those gaps. Gaps may be in a geographical area or with a community of interest or identity. For instance, LinkAge are currently working in Clifton and Speedwell.
2. Connect and network existing groups. The CDCs are bringing together interested paid workers, volunteers and active residents in local gatherings to discuss local community development. There is a gathering in the north, south and east of Bristol. 
3. Support and champion asset based approaches; for instance LinkAge are working with BAB to commission asset based training in relation to the BAB at risk groups.
4. Coordinate and share intelligence, evidence of need and lessons learned across partners: for instance, LinkAge are working with BAB to run ‘share and learn’ sessions for BAB-funded community development project workers.
5. Horizon Scan for funding opportunities and coordinate collaborative bids: for instance, the LinkAge Network Fundraising Manger can run trainings for small groups about how to generate resources, including funds, sponsorship, practical assets.


How to get in touch

For further information about this project please email or ring 0117 928 1539


Why did BAB fund it?

Community Development for Older People has always been one of the core elements of the Bristol Ageing Better bid. After the programme launched, we reviewed how we would deliver the Community development projects. 

When considering the projects to commission, BAB looked at good practice examples from across the world and found successful models that used networking and collaboration to extend their reach, share best practices and work more effectively within their own geographic area. During our review of what was currently available in Bristol we found that there was a lack of coordination and collaboration on a city-wide level, due in part to time and resource. 


Project news 

LinkAge provided city-wide coordination for community development work and opportunities for such projects to share learning and best practice. Their strategic oversight of what was happening in different areas in the city enabled them to better support community groups and organisations to set up new initiatives and connect them to local funding, such as the BAB kick-start programme.

LinkAge merged with Age UK Bristol in April 2020 and worked with the Support Hub coordinating setting up phone and online activities providing social and physical activities for older people during the coronavirus pandemic. Though not in a position to apply for continuation funding LinkAge will use the learning from their project for future community development work.

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