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Combining Personalisation with Community Empowerment (CPCE)

Combining Personalisation with Community Empowerment (CPCE) is an existing model that has been developed and championed through the national organisation ‘Developing and Empowering Resources in Communities’ (DERiC).

DERiC is an intermediary of Big Society Capital, providing loans of up to £150,000 for each area that is expected to be paid back through the cost savings made, for more information visit:

CPCE is a project that addresses social care needs by empowering the local community to support each other. It uses an asset-based approach, which enables communities to take a lead in identifying assets, issues and solutions. Through the work around social care, it also reflects wider community issues and agendas as agreed by the whole community it serves.

The model works with local social services to review the support plans of local vulnerable people and to look at what can be added to them through localised community support. This is not about taking away clinical support or reducing the responsibility of local authorities, but improving communities and increasing people’s interest in supporting each other.

Over time, this community involvement and support could reduce the cost of social support for an individual, with any savings being reinvested into the community.


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