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Evaluation outcomes from the BAB programme

The BAB programme has been running for 6 full years and both our evaluation team at the University West of England and the Community Researchers have dedicated countless hours to this work ensuring that the programme has been evaluated to the highest possible standard.


Evaluation outcomes from the BAB programme.

The impact of the BAB programme on loneliness, isolation, health, wellbeing and a range of other factors. A quantitative evaluation report from UWE.


Understanding the context and development of the BAB programme

A report from UWE exploring the local and national factors which influenced the context of the BAB programme, its development and outcomes.


Over October 2020, we ran a series of webinars sharing learning from the last 5 years of the BAB programme. These events were filmed and are available to watch on YouTube. Please click on the links below.

Addressing loneliness and isolation amongst older people in Bristol
Older People As Active Citizens: Changing The Way Bristol Works
Age-Friendly Places: Building Upon and Nurturing Community Assets

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