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Identifying and Informing

2. Identifying and Informing older people at risk of loneliness

 Identifying and Informing older people at risk of loneliness

The projects within this theme formed a hub for the BAB programme. Through this theme, we  trialled the best methods of finding the most isolated and lonely older people and, once contact was made, we made sure that they were well-informed to make a decision about what they wanted to do next.

In some cases, this meant introducing them to community activities or local groups, while in other cases we needed to provide assisted supported through our partners.

Working with charities, health professionals and local communities, we  worked to develop and evaluate approaches that could be shared as best practice.


Community Navigators

Community Members trained and supported to take referrals from other identify projects and to undertake holistic assessments and signpost people to appropriate support.

First Contact Checklist

A series of simple questions that public and voluntary staff can ask in their day to day contact with older people, with simple referral mechanism.


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