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Integrated Community Clinic (Healthy Together)

This project was run by Age UK Bristol and Bristol Community Health

What is the project?

The clinic was a weekly drop-in clinic for patients with lower leg wounds, who would also benefit from attending a more relaxed community/social setting, rather than going to their GP surgery.

What did the project do?

Patients who would normally receive treatment for their wounds at home or at a GP surgery were referred to the clinic, moving them away from a standard clinical setting to a combined sociable community setting. Previous research suggests that patients who attend community clinics like these tend to see their wounds heal more quickly, and evidence of this has been seen with this project. 

On arrival, patients would be welcomed by volunteers who offered them hot drinks, cake and an opportunity to chat about their week. If patients need additional support then Age UK Bristol staff offer assistance through their services or signpost them to another appropriate organisation. Guests were also invited to attend clinic and these were typically people who are running activities/projects/services locally that may benefit people at the clinic. 

The aim of the project was to support those attending during their time receiving treatment, and also to raise their awareness of what is happening locally and encourage them to take part in local activities beyond their involvement in the clinic.

How to get in touch

You can get in touch with any questions about this project by calling the Age UK Bristol reception on 0117 929 7537 or by email 

Why did BAB fund it?

In 2016, BAB worked with Bristol Community Health and Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group to find ways of engaging isolated and lonely older people through primary care. We commissioned Community Webs to focus on Gp surgeries and wanted to do something that would build on the excellent work of community and district nurses

Since reaching the end of BAB funding, the clinic secured funding from The Anchor Society for an additional year. 

Project News:

Community Clinics: a new and innovative approach to caring for people with non-healing wounds

This project has now closed due to the Coronavirus. 

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