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Over the course of the BAB programme we have built up a vast library of learning, evaluation and evidence regarding people aged 50+ in Bristol.

From day one it has been important for us to assess our impact, evidence our outcomes and identify learning and recommendations for the future.

Our aim is that future funders, commissioners, organisations and community groups will use this knowledge in order to improve the quality of support experienced by older people in the city.

We have grouped this knowledge into four categories: (you can navigate to the pages by clicking on the buttons below). 



However, these four categories, and the information within them, should not be understood in isolation from each other. They are instead similar to the many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; fitting together to build a comprehensive and wide-ranging system of support. Without the others, each piece of the jigsaw becomes less effective. Loneliness and social isolation are complex lived experiences and as such need to be addressed in a way that is similarly complex, holistic and multi-faceted.

Read more about our evaluation tools and methods and data from our first three years.

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