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This is because it is not advisable to go outside for the purposes of surveying your neighbourhood, and because the majority of information and suggested actvities set out in our Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods Toolkit is not appliccable within government guidelines for social distancing and shielding and protecting vulnerable neighbours.

We will soon be releasing a new toolkit detialing how you can support older neighbours during the pandemic.


Click here to download the Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods Membership Pack


Becoming an age-friendly city is about more than creating large structural change and funding projects run by charities; it’s about supporting communities to thrive, creating a culture of ‘neighbourliness’ where people are able to take time to look after their local area and each other. We want to equip people with the tools they need to start making changes, and celebrate their achievements, and so we’ve launched an Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods scheme. We are asking people to complete 4 simple steps that will help them to identify what changes they can make in their neighbourhood, and to start to draw up a plan for action. This scheme is open to anyone who becomes a member of our Neighbourhoods Network, which you can sign up to using the form below.


The 4 steps we are asking you to complete are:


1. Sign up to become a member of the Age-Friendly Bristol Neighbourhoods network, using the form below
2. Complete a checklist identifying which aspects of your neighbourhood are currently age-friendly
3. Identify at least 3 actions you can take to improve your neighbourhood
4. Send the checklist and action plan to us


Once we receive your membership pack, we will be in touch within two weeks with the following:


- A certificate to recognise your neighbourhood's commitment to age-friendliness
- A copy of our Age-Friendly Toolkit, which explains what an age-friendly neighbourhood is and some tips and advice for making change in your community
- An offer of support from Age-Friendly Bristol's Project Officer, to discuss your plans for community action, gain advice on funding opportunities, and help you find the right contacts for changes you can't make on your own.


You can download the membership pack, including the checklist and action plan template, here, or get in touch with us to request a paper copy.


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