Age Friendly City Project Update

22 Sep 2016

Bristol Ageing Better’s ambition is to make Bristol an even better place to grow old. In order to achieve this, we have set ourselves the goal of gaining the World Health Organisation’s status of ‘Age Friendly City by 2020.

Since the appointment of our Age Friendly Officer, Carly Urbanski, 3 months ago, we have been working hard and made progress moving Bristol in the right direction, and keeping momentum going for our Age Friendly City project.

During August 2016, BAB held eleven consultation /focus group sessions with various groups across the city. In total, 116 individuals kindly took part and gave their opinions to help us narrow down the main problems people face in Bristol that keep them from ageing well and living fulfilling lives.  With discussions around topics such as transportation, housing prices and respect of older members of the community, many important points were brought forward. These have all been collected, analysed and summarised and will help us shape the direction of the Age Friendly City work for Bristol.

The consultations were held in different locations spread across the city and covered most the groups identified as at-risk of isolation and loneliness. Below is a map of the locations where consultations were held.    

Bristol Map showing locations of focus groups

Earlier in September, Carly presented these findings from the focus groups at our Partnership Meeting, and asked BAB partners to share their input and feedback on any additional issues that should be addressed when setting out visions and objectives for city. After collating the partners feedback and adding it to our original findings, Carly brought these forward to the Older People’s Partnership Board to obtain valuable input on which visions should be prioritised when going forward with this Age Friendly work.

Combining the responses and feedback from consultations with local residents, BAB partners and the Older People’s Partnership Board, BAB now has enough evidence to move forward and start the next steps of our project and application process.  This entails developing an Age Friendly Cities Charter for Bristol which will include each of the 8 World Health Organisation domains. Within each of the domains there will be 3-5 visions for the city which will reflect the data collected during the consultation stage.

After the charter is launched we will be inviting partners to contribute where they feel is appropriate for them. This collaboration will make the Age Friendly work possible and will bring Bristol one step closer to being able to apply to the World Health Organisation to join their global ‘Age Friendly Cities’ network. 

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